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The swivels of Boretech  stand out for their unique design. Unlike  most swivels on the market, these swivels are oil-lubricated, giving them greater resilience against high tensile, compressive, and radial forces over prolonged periods time. Through the use of the so-called pressure balance seal, pressure inside the swivel remains equal to that of its surroundings.  This reduces stress on the seals, and the running characteristics are guaranteed even under the most severe circumstances thanks to the heavy duty lubrication.

All swivels are available with an API box thread on one side, suited to the load, and a clevis or a connection for a a “green pin” D-connector on the other side.


  • Robust and unique design
  • Highly reliable thanks to heavy duty lubricant
  • Resistant to extreme pressures and temperatures
  • Longevity is three times longer than usual (1500 hrs)

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