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FMC pumps

At the start of 1990, FMC Technologies was challenged by the HDD industry to raise the efficiency of this drilling method by supplying pumps that would keep operational down time to a minimum. The FMC team took the challenge and went to work to find specific solutions, tailored to the needs of the HDD industry. The result of their efforts is a broad range of pistons and plungers, tailored to this market.

The HDD pumps of FMC are suitable for pumping fluids at flow rates up to 3,400 liter/min and pressures up to 170 bar. This series of pumps was developed to meet the demands of a high pump capacity combined with a compact design as is desired for mobile units. Through the use of state-of-the-art components, it even became possible to work with longer service intervals so life cycle costs could be reduced as much as possible. The front of the piston pumps is highly accessible, so that maintenance as well as the replacement of worn parts can be done very quickly to save time and money.

FMC pumps:

  • Specifically designed for the HDD industry
  • Limit down time to a minimum
  • Flow rates up to 3,400 liter/min and pressures up to 170 bar
  • Highly economical in terms of maintenance

In short, FMC delivers products for the HDD industry of an unparalleled added value. If your interest has been piqued, you can contact Boretech Holland B.V.

For more information, contaxct us or yake a look at the FMC HDD Brochure

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