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Mix systems

A mix system needs to be adjusted to the machine with which it is deployed.

For small drilling systems

For low flow rates, a simple system with a mix-pump/venture mixer and a supply tank will suffice. The tank acts as a buffer for the drilling machine and provides the possibility of leaving the mud to “ripen.” The contents of the tank can be mixed and added onto at specific intervals without any major impact on the drilling operation. The machine’s high pressure pump is generally driven by the pressure exerted by the mixing pump.

For larger drilling systems

Larger drilling systems require a greater quantity of mud, which may cause the supply to become a limiting factor. There is less of an opportunity to leave mud in the tank for ripening, causing the quality of the mixture to start playing a larger role. At maximum demand, the mixer must be able to simultaneously maintain maximum capacity; therefore, these systems often come with multiple pumps.

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