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Cone reamers

Cone reamers are “all round” reamers for the reaming of boreholes in a wide variety of soil types  (from sandy to medium clay). These reamers are outfitted with a conical backside so they will stay in the existing drilled hole when they are pushed back.



  • Versatile reamer that remains centred in the borehole
  • Low weight and easy to (dis)assemble
  • 95mm to 450mm in stock (other sizes on demand)
  • Internal swivel possible (sizes up to 200mm)

Comes equipped with:

  • Welded tungsten carbide hardfacing.
  • 2 7/8 PAC box and a 2 7/8 PAC pin on the backside.
  • ¼ NPT stainless steel nozzles and 1/2″ carbide nozzles


  • Tungsten carbide welded teeth or exchangeable pick points.
  • Principal axis with API Box / custom pin connector.